Sunday, December 28, 2008

Free Font Viewer for Windows: AMP Font Viewer

Font viewers have always been popular and useful, but every time I need one I end up searching google and trying gazillion freeware/shareware apps. I always forget the last one I used and liked. So now I'm posting the one I'm currently using: AMP Font Viewer.

It has all the features I need right now, like viewing all fonts (even ones that are not installed) at the same time, defining the sample word, adjusting the sample size. This is very useful especially when your designing a new logo/header for a website.

AMP Font Viewer - Free Font Viewer/Manager for Windows

Saturday, December 27, 2008

hnweekly: weekly top stories from Hacker News

I usually read social news sites during weekend, and my favorite is Hacker News. The only problem I have with it is that some good stories that were submitted earlier during the week gets buried on the later pages, or sometimes I don't even get to see them (Hacker News moves stories quicker). That's why I created my site hnweekly. It ranks stories by points or comments on weekly mode (you can also define how many days).

hnweekly: weekly top stories from Hacker News
If you prefer RSS, check out the weekly and daily feeds.

Website monitoring services as cron alternative

If your web host doesn't have a cron feature, you might find yourself looking for a web cron service. There are free web cron services out there, I tried some but they're quite limited, unless you pay for a premium account.

Your another alternative is use a free website monitoring service. These services can act as cron too! Just enter the script URL as the website to be monitored, and it will check that URL at specific intervals (eg. every 30mins.), thus running your script! :)

I currently use SiteUptime Website Monitoring Service for my website hnweekly: weekly top stories from Hacker News. SiteUptime's free account is limited to just 1 URL, but it works fine for me.

Here's a list of free website monitoring services.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Best Free To-Do List Software

For my last project, I opted to use a to-do list desktop app (as opposed to using basecamp, or notepad hehe). Using a desktop app for to-do lists is much effective for me because ideas usually come when you least expect it, or it just comes as you're working on something. Smart To-Do List is simple and effective. I love using it! It's the next best thing (or better) to using notepad for to-do lists :)

Smart To-Do List:

Monday, December 15, 2008

Easy way to test email from localhost

Here's the quickest (and simplest) way I found to test email on localhost using Argosoft Mail Server Freeware. I was using hMailServer before, but Argosoft is a lot simpler and lightweight.

Here's a simple tutorial:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 a forum for everyone

Self promotion :)

Here's a new website I made:
watdahel is a friendly community forum where people can talk about music, movies, tv shows, technology, and just anything under the sun! registration is free!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Product Catalog Website Package for only $49/month

Self promotion :) offers a complete Product Catalog Website Package (includes domain, email, and hosting) for only $49/month.

Here are some features:
Easy-to-use interface
Customizable home page and website pages
Ordering system with shopping cart
Contact form for customers
Organize products by categories, brands, and tags
Weekly website statistics report
News updates, product search, and more!

Check it out at

Thursday, October 16, 2008

uTorrent Mobile WebUI for iPhone/iPod Touch

I created this alternative uTorrent WebUI for my iPod touch (might work with other mobile browsers too). It works well even with large libraries. Please try it and tell me what you think!

uTorrent Lofi WebUI 0.0.5 (10/18/08)
a lightweight alternative to the uTorrent WebUI
Tested on Mozilla Firefox and Mobile Safari (iPod Touch)

Download - / mirror 1

  1. Install the official uTorrent WebUI first: download / installation howto
  2. Unzip the Lofi WebUI files, then add lofi.html into the existing (located at %APPDATA%\utorrent)
  3. Access using the browser (http://[IP]:[PORT]/gui/lofi.html)
Note: This DOES NOT replace the official WebUI! you can use both at the same time, eg:
Official WebUI: http://[IP]:[PORT]/gui
Lofi WebUI: http://[IP]:[PORT]/gui/lofi.html

Special thanks: jQuery, uTorrent, uTorrent WebUI API

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Favorite Firefox Extensions

Sorry for writing yet another post about Firefox extensions. I just had to :) Here are the ones I use everyday:


Flashgot – integrates firefox to your external download manager application

Flashblock – blocks flash objects on websites on load. Just click on a flash object to enable it (this also supports white listing for sites like youtube)

ClumsyFingers – this prevents firefox from adding .com or .net to the URL whenever you accidentally press shift+enter on the location bar.

Download Statusbar – displays downloads on the lower portion of the browser rather than a popup window

Hide Menubar – hides the menu bar to save precious screen space. Menu bar will still show whenever you press Alt.

Stylish – allows you to change the style of any site you are browsing

Web Services

Delicious – Post bookmarks to your delicious account!

Google Notebook – very useful tool for information gathering or researching. Just drag and drop any web page element and it will automatically be stored on your Google Notebook.

Stumble Upon – fun stuff :)

Web Development

Web Developer Toolbar – essential tool for every web developer

Firebug – another essential tool, especially for debugging javascript

ColorZilla – simple tool to pick a color from any website

Regular Expressions Tester – a tool to test your regular expressions (haha)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Asido: A PHP Thumbnailer/ Resizer Class

I was using class.upload for some time until a resize function (framing) I was using didn't work properly on my new server setup. So I looked for other PHP image processing classes I can find, but I realized that there is nothing that is actively developed. I also tried phpThumb but I had problems when I used it on some shared hosts.


I like Asido because of it's simple API. Unfortunately, it also has some problems and the latest release on its website was April 2007 (outdated). The most updated version which is pure PHP5 can be downloaded on the project's SVN repository (click the Download GNU tarball link).

Lets's fix it!

Jpeg Quality
The API on the website didn't show how to adjust the quality when saving files as JPEG. It defaults to 80% quality which is quite low for my taste. So here's how to adjust the quality:


Resizing Quality
Another problem is the bad image quality when resizing using GD. There's a simple fix to this. Open and replace imageCopyResized with imageCopyResampled inside the __resize function:

Protected Function __resize(asido_tmp $tmp, $width, $height) {

// create new target
$_ = imageCreateTrueColor($width, $height);
imageSaveAlpha($_, true);
imageAlphaBlending($_, false);

$r = imageCopyResampled(
$_, $tmp->target,
$width, $height,
$tmp->image_width, $tmp->image_height

// set new target
$tmp->target = $_;

return $r;

That's it! now Asido works great! one function that I like about it is it's Frame function (which other classes don't have). What it does is create fixed size thumbnails (aspect ratio is maintained, and the empty spaces are filled with a background color).