Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Favorite Firefox Extensions

Sorry for writing yet another post about Firefox extensions. I just had to :) Here are the ones I use everyday:


Flashgot – integrates firefox to your external download manager application

Flashblock – blocks flash objects on websites on load. Just click on a flash object to enable it (this also supports white listing for sites like youtube)

ClumsyFingers – this prevents firefox from adding .com or .net to the URL whenever you accidentally press shift+enter on the location bar.

Download Statusbar – displays downloads on the lower portion of the browser rather than a popup window

Hide Menubar – hides the menu bar to save precious screen space. Menu bar will still show whenever you press Alt.

Stylish – allows you to change the style of any site you are browsing

Web Services

Delicious – Post bookmarks to your delicious account!

Google Notebook – very useful tool for information gathering or researching. Just drag and drop any web page element and it will automatically be stored on your Google Notebook.

Stumble Upon – fun stuff :)

Web Development

Web Developer Toolbar – essential tool for every web developer

Firebug – another essential tool, especially for debugging javascript

ColorZilla – simple tool to pick a color from any website

Regular Expressions Tester – a tool to test your regular expressions (haha)

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