Sunday, December 28, 2008

Free Font Viewer for Windows: AMP Font Viewer

Font viewers have always been popular and useful, but every time I need one I end up searching google and trying gazillion freeware/shareware apps. I always forget the last one I used and liked. So now I'm posting the one I'm currently using: AMP Font Viewer.

It has all the features I need right now, like viewing all fonts (even ones that are not installed) at the same time, defining the sample word, adjusting the sample size. This is very useful especially when your designing a new logo/header for a website.

AMP Font Viewer - Free Font Viewer/Manager for Windows

Saturday, December 27, 2008

hnweekly: weekly top stories from Hacker News

I usually read social news sites during weekend, and my favorite is Hacker News. The only problem I have with it is that some good stories that were submitted earlier during the week gets buried on the later pages, or sometimes I don't even get to see them (Hacker News moves stories quicker). That's why I created my site hnweekly. It ranks stories by points or comments on weekly mode (you can also define how many days).

hnweekly: weekly top stories from Hacker News
If you prefer RSS, check out the weekly and daily feeds.

Website monitoring services as cron alternative

If your web host doesn't have a cron feature, you might find yourself looking for a web cron service. There are free web cron services out there, I tried some but they're quite limited, unless you pay for a premium account.

Your another alternative is use a free website monitoring service. These services can act as cron too! Just enter the script URL as the website to be monitored, and it will check that URL at specific intervals (eg. every 30mins.), thus running your script! :)

I currently use SiteUptime Website Monitoring Service for my website hnweekly: weekly top stories from Hacker News. SiteUptime's free account is limited to just 1 URL, but it works fine for me.

Here's a list of free website monitoring services.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Best Free To-Do List Software

For my last project, I opted to use a to-do list desktop app (as opposed to using basecamp, or notepad hehe). Using a desktop app for to-do lists is much effective for me because ideas usually come when you least expect it, or it just comes as you're working on something. Smart To-Do List is simple and effective. I love using it! It's the next best thing (or better) to using notepad for to-do lists :)

Smart To-Do List:

Monday, December 15, 2008

Easy way to test email from localhost

Here's the quickest (and simplest) way I found to test email on localhost using Argosoft Mail Server Freeware. I was using hMailServer before, but Argosoft is a lot simpler and lightweight.

Here's a simple tutorial:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 a forum for everyone

Self promotion :)

Here's a new website I made:
watdahel is a friendly community forum where people can talk about music, movies, tv shows, technology, and just anything under the sun! registration is free!