Saturday, December 27, 2008

Website monitoring services as cron alternative

If your web host doesn't have a cron feature, you might find yourself looking for a web cron service. There are free web cron services out there, I tried some but they're quite limited, unless you pay for a premium account.

Your another alternative is use a free website monitoring service. These services can act as cron too! Just enter the script URL as the website to be monitored, and it will check that URL at specific intervals (eg. every 30mins.), thus running your script! :)

I currently use SiteUptime Website Monitoring Service for my website hnweekly: weekly top stories from Hacker News. SiteUptime's free account is limited to just 1 URL, but it works fine for me.

Here's a list of free website monitoring services.

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  1. I am using website monitoring provided by 100pulse. 2 sites can be registered and monitored for free. 5 monitors per month at 5 minutes time interval