Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fixing "Another blog is already hosted at this address" error on Blogger

I've had this problem with Blogger many times when I can't use as the custom domain. It returns an "Another blog is already hosted at this address" error. Here's an easy fix that worked for me:

1. Go back to using the * address
2. Login to Google Apps (or sign up if you haven't). If you don't know Google Apps, this is Google's free service so you can use your domain with their services for free (gmail, docs, sites, etc)
3. On the Dashboard, click "Sites" (on Service Settings).
4. Click the "Web address mapping" tab
5. Delete the "" entry. This is the DNS setting that conflicts with blogger when you type as your custom domain.
6. Go back to blogger and set as your custom domain. It should work this time!

The next thing to do is redirect the bare domain ( to This is covered on this blog post from Consuming Experience:
Blogger: how to use a www custom domain for your blog

That's it! have fun!


  1. Great info... do you know if I can use google apps to point my blog to an existing domain?

    and point

    I don't want to point my blogspot blog to the root directory

    I have an existing site on the root directory.

    I want my blogspot blogs to point to

    is this possible?
    PS) I found you while goolging technorati tags and related blog enhancements

  2. @david yes it is possible, you don't need google apps to do it but you have to edit your domain's DNS settings. just use as your custom domain and follow the instructions here to edit your DNS settings:

    take note (step #6):
    6. For the Name, enter only the subdomain of the address you want to use for your blog. For example, if you picked as your address, enter www here.

    -> enter 'subdomain' instead of 'www'