Friday, January 16, 2009

Moving to DreamHost

Wow it took me (just) 2 days to move my sites from NearlyFreeSpeech (NFS) to DreamHost (DH) :) I thought it would take a year haha. It's been smooth sailing on DH so far, I'm enjoying all the features included (everything's unlimited!!). If you're not yet familiar with DH, check out their hosting, some features worth noting are: unlimited domains, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases, ssh access, user accounts, svn hosting.. ahh the list goes on. I also like the simplicity of their control panel.

I have to say I've had a good experience with NearlyFreeSpeech after 2 years of hosting with them. It's the perfect place to learn things and play. NFS charges you depending on usage, which really just costs very little if you're just trying out stuff. Bandwidth, storage, and database will just cost you around $0.03 per day. But as my projects grew, the storage costs also grew. Well, not really much but it came to a point that I don't want to worry about it and just go unlimited at DH.

I'm glad I tried (possibly) the 2 best shared hosting available. I'm not expecting a super awesome time at DH, it's shared hosting after all :) If the time comes that one of my websites demand dedicated resources, then maybe it's time to try out VPS hosting (Linode seems to be a good deal). Right now I'm still enjoying DH.

.. yeah and I sound like a fanboy right now ;)

(If you're curious what websites I host on DreamHost, two of them are and hnweekly)

DreamHost super offer: $50 discount on yearly hosting! enter the code HNWEEKLY when you sign up!

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