Friday, January 23, 2009

Things I love

I want to write something positive to end the day. So here, I'm writing about the things I love.. at least those that come to my mind right now ;)

Web Development.
It's what I do. Sometimes it pays, sometimes it doesn't. I love it either way ;) I can't spend a week without coding something. I'm currently enjoying CakePHP.

I love music. It helps me work everyday. I'm really into Saves The Day right now. I also listen to a lot of emo punk and Japanese stuff. Too many to mention haha. I wish I could write about each of them. Oh and I'm also part of a band called Nelo at ang Tala. We're currently recording our demo and I'm so excited about it. Watch out ;)

iPod Touch really fits me. I love reading and listening to music. iPod takes care of my music, and Instapaper takes care of my reading. If you like reading blogs then try it out! It's free and I promise it won't let you down.

Hacker News.
This is where I get stuff to read. Hacker News + Instapaper = :)
If you like reading Hacker News on weekly mode, check out my project hnweekly

Yeah I usually sleep late.. but I get lots of it!

That's it for now.. I'm sleepy. I'm sure I missed out a lot.

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