Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Facebook Apps: Viral Marketing on Steroids

First there were invites by email. I still get those *friend* wants you to join *website* on my email inbox. If that was not annoying enough, then try Facebook and wait till you get hundreds of invites on you notification pane. Inviting people to join an app is just a simple click away. No more typing email addresses or signing in to your email accounts. This should be a good thing (at least for app developers), but often times you get those notifications 10x a day that say you've been poked or someone has done something to you, inviting you to see what it is.

Recently there was much buzz about Facebook changing it's terms of agreement. If you think about it, you've *already* given much of your personal information to a lot of third parties - everytime you use a new Facebook app. So regardless of Facebook's terms of agreement, your information is already stored on servers outside of Facebook's control. What really bothers me is that Facebook aims to be a social networking platform based on your real identity, yet it is the easiest platform to harvest personal information by using viral marketing. Always think twice before clicking that "Allow Access" button.


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