Saturday, April 4, 2009

Delicious Lite - a lightweight delicious firefox extension

Update: this extension is no longer being developed. Check out the Delicious Post extension from AE Creations which is compatible with Firefox 3.5.

Delicious Lite v1
I've been using delicious for a long time now. I remember using it even before it was acquired by Yahoo and it had a lot of growing pains. I even considered switching to Google bookmarks for a while because delicious was always going down (or super slow) that time. The thing that keeps me going back is it's simplicity. The URL structure ( is just great. Hey, I don't even need to install stuff just to access or manage my bookmarks!

There are many ways to bookmark websites on delicious. The simplest is installing the browser bookmarklet that pops up a window when you bookmark a website. I kinda like this one except that I hate waiting for the popup window to load and especially when it asks me to login. It's just too much time wasted for a simple bookmark. Another thing is installing the official delicious firefox extension which is super bloated (IMHO). I tried using an early version and remember it screwing up my browser because it tried to download and sync my thousands of bookmarks in delicious. That's just a major pain. I'm fine putting my bookmarks on the cloud and accessing them by tag when I need them.

What I need is a simple delicious extension that just lets me post bookmarks to delicious. Simple, no waiting, no logging in. That's delicious lite for you. This was originally done by Alf Eaton and Patrick Lauke, and I updated it to work with Firefox 3. I've been using this modified version for a while now but haven't had time to package it well for other people to use. Well here it is! enjoy!

Install Delicious Lite v1

Note: once installed, you can use the shortcut key CTRL+SHIFT+P to bookmark a page to delicious. There is also a toolbar button that you can add on Firefox's toolbar customize screen.