Thursday, May 21, 2009

Smart Bro Prepaid (USB Modem)

I recently bought a Smart Wireless Broadband Prepaid (USB Modem) because I needed a backup internet connection for my work. This thing costs PhP1995 and includes PhP100 load. I was able to connect in no time (from unboxing to installing the software). It's really easy to use and you don't have to configure anything. I'm quite impressed with it (based on my initial testing). I used it at 11pm, and the download speed was around 1.5-1.8mb/s. YouTube streams *almost* in real time (it buffers sometimes but you won't have to wait long).

My plan before was to use a 3G phone as modem (LG KU250) on Globe's network (my primary network), but Globe doesn't have a 3G signal here (weird because the 2G signal is full) so I decided to go with Smart. Smart's signal in my area (I live in QC) is WCDMA, which I think is the best signal you could get. I don't know how Globe's mobile broadband compares to Smart, but one thing I like about Globe is it charges per 15mins (Php5), while Smart charges per 30mins (Php10). Globe's charging rate seems more practical especially if you're just checking email every once in a while.

Anyway, I won't be using this much since it's only a backup connection in case Bayantel's DSL goes down for a whole day, like what happened last month. Let's just hope it won't go down when I need it :)


  1. do you know what frequency/band/signal they have on those mini modems? my sister has a modem in her phone and connected using it and she's wondering if it's the same thing

  2. I think most cellphones use the 3G signal for internet, maximum bandwidth is ~384kbps :)
    nice daine may livejournal ka pala tagal na haha

  3. my smart bro goes wrong.,, all the txt in tabs are gone,,and in message tab a word "null" replace in all text////.... theres a lot of "null word"
    what will i do? pls help me....
    I need help./..//////////////