Saturday, July 18, 2009

Delicious Lite extension for Firefox 3.5

Today I decided to discontinue developing the Delicious Lite Firefox extension because the code is getting outdated and I don't have time to update it for the newly released Firefox 3.5. The good news is there's another new delicious bookmark extension that pretty much does the same thing (and better :). Check out the Delicious Post extension from AE Creations. This extension also stems from the original work of Patrick H. Lauke which I also used in Delicious Lite. So please try it out and kudos to AE Creations for such great work!

There are some stuff that I feel Delicious Post still lacks like a shortcut key and some super minor UI issues. To solve these issues for me I created a modified version which adds a shortcut key CTRL+SHIFT+D to post a bookmark (btw I borrowed this shortcut key from Firefox's Bookmark all tabs which I don't use much, and transfered it to CTRL+SHIFT+K). On the post dialog, I also made it focus on the tags textbox immediately because that's just usually what I edit when posting a bookmark. If you like these modifications, feel free to download the version here. I hope these will also get implemented on the official release :)

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