Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Notes on co-workers – a humbling experience

This was something I wrote a year ago when I just started on a new job.

One of the things that came with my apartment is my new job. Actually it’s one big reason why I chose to live independently since I will be able to afford the rent and bills. In this post I will write about my experience with our just finished company outing.

I didn’t expect it to be such a good experience and we were supposed to back out since most of our team mates did not join. Well nothing really special about it, aside from the great resort where it was held. It was the usual company outing – maybe more boring than usual. But what made it different is that I met a lot of great people and learned so much from their experiences.

This is my first time working for a big consulting company. It certainly has a lot of downsides working in big companies, one thing I immediately noticed is I felt just like a cog in a machine. Looking at the brighter side, I kinda felt like a stereotype salaryman: good salary, own apartment, living in the city. Whether that’s a good or bad thing, at least it’s something new for me.

One thing I’m guilty of when it comes to jobs and companies is I’m quick to judge a person based on how he/she looks or acts. A lot of people are guilty of that. But I’m kinda defensive in a way that I will have no interest on getting to know about the person if I don’t like his aura. That certainly changed after our company outing. At first it was awkward since in the whole company, I only know my team mate. It’s hard to get to know everyone since we are working on different projects. But in this outing we had the chance to talk to our co-workers.

People who are a lot older and more senior than me. People who look strong and aggressive. People who can express themselves really well. Before, I usually judged people like this since I feel we’re very different and we won’t get along. But when I got a chance to talk to a lot of them, I found out that they’re actually geeks like me. We’re all IT people anyway, and we’ve had similar experiences in the same company (or our previous jobs). Whew, I didn’t think you can find a lot of great people in a company. I felt really humbled, and I feel this is one advantage of working in a big (and maybe selective) company, there are a lot of quality people and there are little egos.

I heard before from a good senator that you should not quickly judge a person, because once you accept that he is that way, than that will be the reality for you (something like that). In a way you are already closing your mind without getting pass what’s superficial. A lot of us are like that, and I think it is partially because of our own insecurities. It doesn’t hurt to try to get to know someone, so try (and win a friend).

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