Monday, May 30, 2011

How to sync your Android phone to iTunes (wirelessly!)

Update: I'm now using WiFi Tunes Sync Pro ($0.99) which I think is simpler and faster. It also has a free version that you can try first.

As a previous owner of an iPod touch, I've come to love how the iPod syncs to iTunes. iTunes is a very good and stable media player/music management software. One shortcoming of Android is that even though it has a very functional music player, it doesn't have something like iTunes where you can sync and manage your music on your PC. There are several options out there like Winamp and DoubleTwist, but they either don't work very well or they lack the simplicity and features of iTunes. Thankfully there's iSyncr ($2.99) which will let you sync your Android to iTunes. It works very well -- no need to switch to another media player to sync your iTunes library. Even better is there's iSyncr WiFI Add-on ($0.99) which will let you sync using wifi -- now that's even better than iPod/iPhone! I suggest buying both paid versions since it's cheap and very worth your money. There's also a free lite versions (iSyncr Lite/ iSyncr WiFi Lite) that you can try out with limited features.

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