Friday, August 3, 2012

Android Jelly Bean (4.1) Tethering on Globe Prepaid

*Update: turns out you don't have to use FoxFi. Stock wireless hotspot will work, you just have to set the Globe DNS IP on your laptop.

One drawback of being early on Android OS updates is dealing with incompatible apps. The previous app that I used for tethering (intenet sharing using your phone's 3G connection), "WiFi Tether for Root Users" was not compatible with the new Android OS. So after some days of looking for solutions and trying out different apps, I found something that works! It's actually quite simple. I found out from some blogs that the main issue is that Globe (prepaid only) blocks the Google DNS ( which Android uses whenever it's tethering. For some reason, this solution only works on FoxFi using bluetooth (at least on my Nexus S). The solution is to set your computer to use Globe's DNS while using the tethered bluetooth connection.

Step by step guide:
- Enable mobile data on your phone
- Download FoxFi on your phone and enable bluetooth tethering
- Pair your Android device with your computer. When pairing is successful, you should see a "Connect" button on the device's bluetooth settings on your PC. But don't click Connect yet.
- Get Globe's DNS IP. Download SetDNS on phone to see what's your current DNS. For Globe Prepaid, there are 2 DNS IP's. Take note of the DNS IP's, usually it's the 2nd one that works on the PC (202.x.x.x), or you can try each and see what works.
- On your PC, go to "View network connections" (just type it on start menu), right click on "BluetoothConnection", click Properties. Click the "Networking" tab, double click "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)". Then type the Globe DNS on "Preferred DNS Server". Click OK.
- You're all set! Now go back to the device bluetooth settings (on your PC), and click "Connect"

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