Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Home Office Chair

Yes this is where I sit all day when I'm working/coding (at home). It's actually 2 monobloc (plastic) chairs, it's stacked so I get my desired chair height. Does it hurt to sit on it all day? Yes.

Nope this post is not about me being thrifty and not buying a good chair :P Desk chairs used to be my pet peeve when I was still working on an actual office (ie. not remote). I've worked with different companies that provided worst chairs (they shall not be named) and better ones (like Disney when I did onshore work at Florida). What I realized is that you can never get the best chair. You sit on a different chair and then it feels better, and after a while it feels just like the other one.

Sitting all day is not healthy no matter how good your posture is or how comfortable your chair is. What I like about my cheap chair is that it doesn't take too much time to realize that I need to stand up, take some walk and stretch a bit.

It also reminds me to always be thankful that I'm doing the work that I love the most, and being paid for it. When I think about that and other comforts that I am enjoying, a chair is such a little thing.

Surely I can't sit on this chair all day, but that's actually a good thing.


  1. The problem with this is that your body is being harmed far more by an hour in your garden chair than it would be in an ergonomic chair.

    You need desperately to find another solution. I would suggest getting yourself a better chair to start with and also setting timed reminders to get up and move around. That's how i do it, in fact I think it's the most common way people remember to get up and move.

    Ergonomic chairs will never actually be 'healthy' for you, but they will slow down and mitigate the dame that sitting for prolonged periods does. All you are doing is feeling the damage earlier because of the type of chair you are using.

    1. I don't think I consider it a problem per se. This setup is actually the healthiest I've felt. When I'm working from home, I'm already too comfortable so these little signals, reminders, or little inconveniences actually help me be more alert.

      I already experienced serious neck ache before due to prolonged use of the laptop (which is not a good posture by default), so I take my health seriously. I think a good balance is the key. I go to the gym everyday before I start work so I think that helps a lot to make my body stronger. Btw I also maintain a good posture when sitting (regardless of the chair) so aside from being tired of sitting on long durations, I don't get much back/neck ache.

  2. Aside from having an outstanding office space, an ergonomic chair is necessary to ensure one with all day comfort while at work. Thank you for pointing that out in your blog. Happy working!

  3. A comfortable chair can definitely make a huge difference in the workplace. This helps people to be more productive.

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